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Freshman in office

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With election day nearing, freshmen running for student congress are promoting their plans and hoping to get the majority of votes to secure a spot in office.

Doane University’s Student Congress represents and promotes student interests and opinions on campus and gives students an opportunity to voice their thoughts in a way that allows them to be heard by everyone. Every year, students are elected to serve on StuCo, and freshmen senators are elected in the fall.

This year, there are seven freshmen all competing for votes in order to be a part of StuCo. Those running are Tiffany Carnahan, Sam Reicher, Payton Cooley, Kimberly Kathka, Sabrina Renderos, Payton Detavernier, and Cecelia Fuller. Out of these seven, three will be chosen as the official freshmen senators. Official voting will take place on September 15th and 16th. 

With election day nearing, these students have decided on what platforms they’d like to support and what they would do if elected. The inspiration to run is different for each student, like for freshman Sam Reicher, who decided to do something a little different this year.

“I recognized an opportunity to do something outside of my normal routines and got excited to make a difference and engage with my peers,” Reicher said. 

Others are running in order to continue pursuing their passions developed earlier in life. Freshman Payton Cooley has been dedicated to StuCo since she was much younger.

“I’ve been a part of student council since elementary school, and I love making a difference in schools and students’ lives,” Cooley said. “I think it helps to build confidence and helps people to better themselves as leaders.”

Being a part of StuCo means communicating as well as listening to the student body in order to do what is best for the majority. Freshman Cecelia Fuller is more than prepared to assume this role of communicating with everyone.

“I am running for StuCo because I love people and I feel at my best when I am with others,” Fuller said. “Making sure their voices are heard and helping to solve issues on campus would be something I'd really enjoy.”

One of the major things that comes with running for StuCo is that these freshmen must have ideas on what they’d like to support if they get into office.

 Freshman Payton Detavernier already is planning on how to involve students while still following the CDC guidelines put in place due to COVID-19.

“My ideas for this year with COVID-19 still impacting us on campus would be to have events that are fun, but still apply to COVID-19 guidelines,” Detavernier said. “I would want everyone to feel like they are involved, but at a distance, of course.”

Others running are looking for more ways to get students involved in local projects, such as freshman Sabrina Renderos, who is focusing on finding programs around town that Doane could potentially work with.

“I want to help others learn how to be more involved and achieve community service with Doane,” Renderos said. “I also want to help make this a great year for everyone despite the covid circumstances.”

However, the goal remains the same for almost all candidates. Doane is a place of unity, and those running, like Freshman Kimberly Kathka, would like to maintain this bond between all students and faculty.

“I just hope that this campus becomes an even bigger family, where we can expand our kindness everywhere,” Kathka said.

Regardless of their platforms or their interests after getting into office, one thing remains the same among all candidates: to help and support all students here at Doane.

“I just want the students at Doane University to know that I am already very passionate about StuCo and I want to help improve their college experience,” Carnahan said.