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Studying abroad changes amidst pandemic

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Study Abroad

On Sept. 26, Louisa Ehrlich, Associate Director of International Programs, hosted an informational meeting about study abroad via Zoom. The meeting was intended to get underclassmen to consider studying abroad and to help students planning to study abroad to better understand changes due to COVID-19.

Ehrlich began the meeting by talking about basic information regarding studying abroad. She said being able to speak another language does not affect study abroad, classes taken during study abroad do NOT influence your GPA, study abroad will not hinder graduation, cost depends on what program you choose and you can take classes outside of your major. 

Ehrlich does caution to take classes within your major so you continue making progress. She also encourages students to apply for scholarships and be aware of financial factors when considering to study abroad. 

“When you think about it, your degree is only one line on your resume, and the rest of it is your experience. So, when you have that study abroad experience on your resume, employers know that is something that strengthens your communication skills; you know how to take the leap into doing something new and different; it will help develop your independence,” Ehrlich said. 

Students at Doane can study abroad during the summer, for a semester or for a whole year. Students have the option of choosing where to go and when. Restrictions based on COVID-19 vary from place to place, but Doane strongly recommends students do NOT study abroad at this time.

Doane also offers travel courses that are faculty-led. Only Doane students can go on these trips, and the locations change each year. As of now, travel courses are projected to be put on hold for Summer 2021.

If you are interested in studying abroad, Ehrlich said to meet with her, your academic advisor and Cindy Nitzel, bursar, before applying.

“I also recommend meeting with Cindy Nitzel in scholarships and financial aid because she is like a wizard at showing you what the cost will actually be for the program you have selected,” Ehrlich said. 

Ehrlich provides Doane students with the opportunity to learn about Visas, plane tickets, money conversions and several other elements before studying abroad. 

Ehrlich will be hosting a virtual study abroad fair in early Nov. with representatives from different program providers. They will be able to answer any of your questions, and they will be participating in a panel discussion. 

If you are interested in studying abroad, please contact Ehrlich at and check out her Instagram page that highlights different aspects of study abroad at @travel_doane.