Tommy the Tiger gets fans, especially children, excited for Doane athletic events.


Calling all children sixth grade and younger! Doane created a new feature available to children called Tommy’s Tiger Crew.

Tommy’s Tiger Crew was created by the Doane athletic directors to recognize Doane’s mascot, Thomas Doane Tiger and get children and their families involved on campus according to Doane assistant athletic director for athletics communications Rick Schmuecker.

Any children sixth grade and younger can sign up to  be a part of this club for $30. This includes a Doane t-shirt, stocking cap, sunglasses, free admission to all Doane home athletic events and more. 

 “The cost of it (signing up)pays for the stuff that they get. It was never meant to be a money maker, it’s meant to get kids interested and get kids up to Doane,” Schmuecker said.

The Doane athletic directors have been working on getting this club started for a few years and are excited to officially have it started.

“Your loudest fans most the time are the kids. They are the ones who, in a way, look up to the ‘big kids’ who are playing whatever sport it is. It is trying to draw interest in not only Doane, but the sports,” Schmuecker said.