Wolves howl again, Kappa Phi Zeta active

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Actives and alumni of Kappa Phi Zeta sorority embrace. The "Kappas" are now an active group on campus.

The sorority known as Kappa Phi Zeta, or the “Kappas” for short, has been reinstated after ceasing to be active in February of 2019. 

Kappa Phi Zeta was officially reinstated as of this past Sunday, Nov. 3, at the Greek Council meeting. 

The Kappas were founded in 2014 and were deactivated due to not having a sufficient amount of members. Many members left the organization due to graduation, transferring to other schools and for academic or mental health reasons. 

The Kappas were founded on eleven core values, which are: honesty, respect, integrity, unity, acceptance, scholarship, spirituality, leadership, loyalty, empowerment and devotion. 

Active Kappa Phi Zeta member Elizabeth Stutzman also said that the Kappas work a lot on promoting mental health awareness. Their official colors are silver and turquoise. 

Stutzman has been working hard to have the Kappas reinstated within the Greek community at Doane.

“We were founded by some amazing women that were not satisfied with the status quo so they started a group for those that didn't feel like they fit in anywhere else,” Stutzman said. “They created a group where these women could feel like they belonged.” 

According to Stutzman, being reinstated was lengthy procedure with many hours of planning. To her, it was worth it, though, as she feels that the organization will bring in many new members. 

Being reinstated as an official sorority is a tedious and difficult process. This process included finding willing volunteers to be advisors to the Kappas, meeting with Greek life staff and presenting in front of the Greek council all while planning rush parties and ways to add more members to the sorority. 

Stutzman feels that having such a young group will help to bring in new members in the future as freshmen are more likely to relate to younger members in the group. 

Stutzman would like to thank the entire Greek community for all of the support they have given the Kappas and allowing them to come back. She is excited about the sorority and cannot wait to see what the future holds.