One dead after shooting at Chick-fil-A in Lincoln

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Officers show up at the Southpointe Pavillions Chik-fil-A after a disgruntled worker drove his truck into the restaurant.

On Tuesday afternoon, a disgruntled customer was escorted out of Chick-fil-A at Southpointe Pavilions in Lincoln, drove his pickup through the building and was shot and killed by a railroad officer according to Lincoln Police. 

Officers were called to the restaurant after 1 p.m. after an initial report that a vehicle had been driven into the business, Lincoln Journal Star reporter Chris Dunker said in an article dated October 8, 2019. 

When the officers arrived at the scene, they found a uniformed Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railway senior special agent performing CPR on the suspect.

The suspect, who employees described as a balding, middle-aged man dressed in black died of injuries at the scene. 

Thomas Arias told Dunker that he was working behind the counter when he heard a commotion in the dining room and saw a customer flipping tables, throwing food and yelling, “It’s just a f---ing sandwich.”

A Chick-fil-A manager ordered employees to leave the building out of the back door. 

A customer who is also the president and CEO of the Downtown Lincoln Association tackled the yelling man when he started attacking customers and forced him outside. 

After being forced outside, the man got into a silver 2018 Dodge pickup and drove it in reverse through the building.

Once the vehicle came to a stop after hitting the front counter, the driver got out of the vehicle and started to pursue customers and employees carrying what witnesses described as a stun gun. 

The man ran into a uniformed BNSF agent, a commissioned Nebraska law enforcement officer, who was in a marked vehicle in the drive-thru lane. 

“The cop was like, ‘Calm down and back off,’ but the guy kept approaching,” Arias said. “So the cop pulled his gun and shot him.”

Witnesses said the man appeared to tase the officer and then they heard two pops of the BNSF agent shooting the man. 

The agent began to perform CPR on the man before emergency responders arrived. 

The Lincoln Police said no one else was injured in the incident and they are not sure what, if anything, led to man to act out as he did. 

The suspect’s name is expected to be released on Wednesday by police.