Student cars vandalized in Crete

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Tires were slashed and wallets were emptied for a few unfortunate students on Friday night.

Out to visit friends here in Crete, a University of Nebraska at Lincoln student Joe Dodson was at a house party on the corner of 13th Street and Boswell Avenue when his 2002 Dodge Dakota was vandalized. 

The next morning, Dodson got in his car to head home when he noticed something was wrong.

The criminal emptied the tires of air and pulled out the valve core, making it impossible to refill the tire with air. 

Freshman Brandon Naidas’ 2013 Volkswagen Jetta was also a victim of this crime. 

“I was playing FIFA at my buddy’s house and the next morning I came out to my back right tire that was flat,” Naidas said. 

Naidas and Dodsons cars were vandalized while parked at the same house. 

They were not the only victims, there were five other cars that experienced damages near that location that night as well.

Naidas reported the crime to Crete Police Department when he noticed. The Crete Police Department confirmed similar incidents of flat tires and vandalism that night.