New faces, places to see

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Dave Bauer

City Council President Dave Bauer being sworn into his new position, Mayor of Crete.

Crete has been a busy place this summer with new buildings and features popping up, events going on and new people taking on new roles in the community.

A new hotel is being built near the Crete Memorial Hospital. The new Fairfield Inn & Suites is expected to be completed in October.

If you walk down to the Crete City Park you will notice a new lion water fountain which was a project the city has been working on and completed in July. This fountain was a recreation of the lion head fountain that was in place in the late 1990s.

Crete is building a new public library on 14th and Forest Street. This new library will have more study rooms, seating options and computers than the current one downtown. It will also incorporate a printing station that allows you to print from the computers physically at the library as well as from off-location.

The library will also serve as a storm shelter with a special wing of the building dedicated to that reason. Roger Foster was re-elected mayor last December while having terminal lung cancer.

Foster passed away at the beginning of August. According to city administrator Tom Ourada, as far as they can go back and document, this is the first mayor in Crete’s history to pass away in office.

Because of his passing, city council president Dave Bauer filled his position and was sworn into office on Aug. 6. He will serve the rest of Mayor Foster’s term.

Crete has been working on the first phase of it’s Downtown Revitalization Project which is almost completed.

DTR was created by the Crete Community Fund as well as the city. The

project includes planting trees and flowers in front of businesses as well as remodeling and restoring storefronts on Main Street to preserve the history of the buildings.