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Student Congress welcomes three new senators

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14 freshmen ran in the Student Congress elections last week to fill three open senator positions. Yesterday, votes were counted and the results are in. This year's freshmen senators are Emily Roberts, Will Grixby and Mandi Laib. 

The three freshmen senators will take on all Student Congress responsibilities such as going to and being involved in the weekly meetings. The new members of Student Congress will also be required to serve on a community development, environmental or food committee. Freshmen senators will also plan and attend events like the Student Congress Leadership Gala, Student Appreciation Dinner, Stop Day and more, said Student Congress President Mady Vogel.

Emily Roberts said she has several goals she wants to accomplish while serving in Doane Student Congress. One of her goals is to decrease the amount of food waste in the cafeteria by adding compost and recycling bins. She hopes this will not only better the school but also educate students about how to reduce their footprint. Roberts is also looking forward to serving on the environmental committee.

“I’m very open to hearing everyone’s ideas and would love to be able to help people get their voices heard about any issues they find important to them individually or that could be a campus wide concern,” said Roberts.

Roberts said she has made many new friends since coming to Doane and hopes to give back to them and all other students through her position in Student Congress.

Mandi Laib said her goals for her time in Student Congress include bringing the Doane community together often and in ways where the students can connect with and support one another and the school as a whole. She wishes to facilitate an inclusive environment where students can be themselves.

“I really welcome all people and want to get to know them as their true selves,” said Laib. “I want to know what they care about and really make a connection with them.”

Laib did not run for Student Council or Congress in high school but was inspired to at Doane to get more involved after meeting other involved students. She said she has enjoyed meeting people from lots of different kinds of people from a variety of places here and so far has had a great Doane experience. 

Grixby ran for a position in Student Congress because he believes his high energy would be an asset to Doane. 

“My favorite thing about Doane so far is seeing how openly friendly and supportive people are to people that they really don't know yet,” said Grixby.

Since this is the largest freshman class Doane has seen in 147 years, the 14  candidates who ran this year was nearly three times higher than the five who ran last year.

Freshmen senators

Emily Robertson was one of three freshmen to be elected senator to Student Congress.

Mandi Laib will join Student Congress as a freshmen senator.

Will Grixby joins Emily and Mandi as a newly elected senator this year.