StuCo tries to bring meeting to students

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Junior StuCo senator Quinn Martin took matters into his own hands and began asking students face to face what concerns they had about Doane at the first town hall meeting.

Despite a lack of participation from audience members, Student Congress was determined to make their first town hall meeting a productive one.

Although there was an email sent out to students as well as posters around campus notifying students about the town hall meeting, there were no students who wanted to voice their concerns.        

Still motivated to hear student concerns, student congress senator Quinn Martin went around asking students if they had any. 

Most of the students who Martin talked to voiced their concerns about the food on campus.

Selections outside of the cafeteria such as Tiger Den and Lakeside Coffee Shop have been under fire from students all semester. 

Freshman Claire Carpenter voiced her concerns with the situation.

“We need more popular chips sold at the Tiger Den, the ones they have now are weird,” Carpenter said. 

Carpenter also suggests that instead of the cafeteria waste fresh produce every day, they could sell the excess fruits and vegetables at the end of the day.

Some students want a new variety of foods sold at the Tiger Den. They’re getting tired of the selection that they have.

“I want chicken wings as an everyday item,” freshman Matthew Case said.

There were few concerns about the drink options offered at Lakeside Coffee shop. 

“I like the drinks they have but some strawberry milk would be nice,” freshman Drew Pennington said.

One student even had a problem with the paper straws given out at Lakeside.

“I don’t like the paper straws being given out, plastic straws cause less of a carbon footprint,” freshman Emmett Black said.

The purpose of the town hall meeting was to establish a connection between students and the student congress, junior senator Monte McNeil said. 

“We didn’t feel like we were approachable to students,” McNeil said. 

McNeil also said that they were there to listen to student concerns that they can take back and work on.

“Our job is to make you guys happy,” McNeil said.               

Although the attendance was lackluster, student congress treasurer Olivia Steffensen said that they hope to try this again. 

“Our hope was that we’d get traffic from the dinner rush,” Steffenson said. “But if we do this again we’ll do it on the beige desk upstairs.”