Employee engagement down, survey says

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Engagement survey

Faculty and staff’s commitment to Doane is wavering according to the 2019 Employee Engagement Survey

During the faculty and staff review presented by Kris Erickson, with the Workforce Science Associates, it was announced that faculty and staff’s satisfaction with Doane as a place to work, likeliness to refer a friend or family member to work for Doane and pride to work for Doane University were all lower than the norm.

Key takeaways from the survey were ranked with the top concern being the future vision of Doane University. Faculty and staff are questioning the direction of the college. 

Second on the list was leadership trust which includes confidence in senior leadership. 

Others include wanting to feel supported in times of change, communication, recognition and diversity and inclusion. 

“When individual employees are truly engaged, they can tolerate limited periods of lower work satisfaction and stay highly committed,” the WSA powerpoint presentation said. 

The survey was sent out to faculty and staff members to gain information on thoughts about these issues and had an 80% response rate. 

The survey results were announced on Nov. 5. Administration was informed prior to that date. Faculty and staff were invited to the presentation and to ask questions. 

Doane intends to use this as a learning tool and a mark to improve on in the future. 


Employee engagement 49%

Performance enablement 39%

Manager effectiveness 71%