Isis donations

The Isis Theatre is still asking for donations to go digital.

Thousands of dollars have been donated for the Isis Theatre in Crete for the switch to digital projection, yet more is needed.

Thom Reeves, owner of the movie theater said he has received about $15,000 through cash donations this last year alone. While Reeves said he has received support from the Doane and Crete communities, about $70,000 is still needed to make the switch.

“Towns are really trying to get behind their theatres,” Reeves said. “We are definitely a lot further along than we were six months ago.”

The total cost to make digital changes to the Isis is $85,000. Besides the digital projection system itself, other changes such as electrical work and building modifications are figured into the total cost.

The Isis Theatre’s struggle to switch to digital projection however, has not gone unnoticed.

The Isis has made a name for itself at both the national and international level. Reeves and the Isis were featured in anAssociated Press (AP)  articlereleased back in September. National Public Radio (NPR) also did a spot on small town theatres including the Isis.  The photo of Reeves from the AP article was even on a page of USA Today.

“We kind of became the poster child. It was in papers all over,” Reeves said. “We were the poster child mainly because there are 3,000 theaters around the United States like us.”

Even with the extent of coverage, the Isis is still in need. The Doane and Crete communities are working to help Reeves out.

Student Involvement Director Amy Schmitt helps coordinate student-led events that involve raising money for the Isis. Schmitt said junior Abby Hahn and senior Cammie Swartz spearheaded the Isis pancake feed earlier this year, which brought in over $5,000.

“We literally had people coming the whole time...about 400 to 500 people,” Hahn said.

Crete area businesses played a huge role in donating food and other materials to make the feed possible. Schmitt said Reeves was astonished at the outcome.

“Thom was truly overwhelmed...people were generously giving,” Schmitt said. “He talked to every person that came in.”

A few Greek and other groups on campus have also pitched in to help make Reeves’ dream a reality. Schmitt said it is the least Doane can do to give back.

“Thom has been so awesome to Doane,” Schmitt said. “He does many free movie nights and he always under charges us...he is very giving and we need to return that.”

To donate or see what the next Isis event is visit: