At first glance, the Smith hall looks like a magnificent castle ready to suit the needs of the upperclassmen who choose to live there. It’s covered in solid red brick and is four stories high. There are battlements on each corner of the roof that only make it more prestigious.

College is about finding yourself, pursuing your passions, personal growth, finding lifelong friends and enjoying their years in college - all of which Doane Greek Life provides its current members and could provide you.

Bob Ross would have celebrated his 77th birthday yesterday. The man-turned-meme spread a message of love and self-acceptance through his painting shows, “The Joy of Painting” which aired on PBS originally and are now available to Netflix users.

Birthdays are a time for celebrating with friends and family another trip around the sun and to wish good health and fortune for the next 365 days, not for spending the day laboring at work.

The land Doane University sits in doesn’t belong to anyone except the native tribes who lived on this land hundreds of years before the landing of Christopher Columbus.