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Opinion: Be true to yourself

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Dare to hope.  Dare to love. Dare to be yourself.  If you ignore everything else that I have written or will write, I hope that you take that message to heart, for it is the greatest bit of wisdom I can offer.

Only you know who you are, so, you have to be willing to advocate for your own path.  If you do not know who you are or where you are going, do not worry, you are not alone.  Although you may doubt yourself and crave the paths of others, you must stay true to yourself.  

Without you, the world is not the same. It is the diversity of individuals that add flavor to life and inspires others to be more than plastic shaped from a mold.  

It is tempting to put life on autopilot.  The success, good looks and possessions of others may make us feel inferior. We are not at fault for wanting to be like those we envy.  If we think we will be any happier as someone else, we are dead wrong, though.

We cannot be anyone else, because we were only born to be ourselves.  We only admire, envy and ignore the paths of others, because we have the luxury of seeing where they are going. Unfortunately, our own paths are less clear.   

There is no cut path to success, happiness and fulfillment. Any road we take, whether it be new, or well worn, will be strewn with hazards. If we learned anything from this long winter, it should be that walking and driving in the paths of others is no safer than taking a new road.  Although paved roads let us know where we are going and allow faster travel.

Ice, created by passing cars and pedestrians compacting fallen snow, lies in wait to knock us off course. We will rarely slip while walking in new snow. Yet, we face the uncertainty of a blank path and the slow, arduous prospect of carving your own path.  Despite the dangers and trials of life and winter, spring still comes and we rise to see another day.

When the sun sets, we do not know if it will rise again, yet we live, hoping it will reappear.  At our lowest points, it may feel like the world is at an end. We will live on, though. Although we may be battered and bruised, we live on.  We are more than our imperfections and failures.

Despite it all, we are alive. More beautiful and unique than any color of the rainbow, the colors of each individual’s journey paint the canvas of the human experience.  If we want a world that is more than black, white or grey, we can learn to live and love our colors and lives, whatever they may be.