Opinion: Cancer is a battle, but it's one well worth fighting

  • 1 min to read
Celesky Fam

When my sister was diagnosed with cancer back in September, I was numb.

Any time the word “cancer” is dropped in a conversation about a family member things get very blurry very quickly; denial, anger, sadness, despair and finally acceptance all come and go in any given order.

My oldest sister is my rock.

She is why I do what I do.

She fed my love of music and performing.

She taught me how to love unconditionally.

She is why I am who I am.

Seeing my rock begin to crumble was something I would have never guessed would happen so early.

I left school when she was initially diagnosed and hospitalized. I slept in the chair next to her for three days and tried to keep her spirits up.

She spent 20 years of her life doing that for me so it was only right for myself to do the same.

There’s a lot of good in the world. There’s a lot of people in your corner, whether you realize it or not, there are more than you know rooting for you.

The shock of the cancer diagnosis still sneaks in but we are better equipped to talk about it and step forward. Instead of being something that we hide from, it is now something we fight through and grow from.

This mentality of embracing what weighs you down has been very inspiring to witness and adapt into my own daily life.

I find myself complaining less about mundane things and enjoying the little things in life.

We never know what tomorrow will give us or take away from us, so take a look around and enjoy what you have.