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Follow these tips to survive dead week and finals

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A planner can help one stay organized, especially during dead week. 

The time has come. Dead week is here and finals are quickly approaching. You may feel like you are drowning in homework and things you have to get done before the semester is over. Remember -- there is only a week left and then you are free for summer. Work hard to do the best you can, especially for you, seniors, because it’s the last week you’ll have here at Doane.

Fastweb, a website dedicated to scholarships and test prep for students, gives tips for how to survive finals week.

It includes:

• Create your own study guide. Professors might give you study guides of things that will be on the test, but even if they do, make your own that has definitions, examples, and notes in your own words. This will help you remember the information better since you wrote it in your own words and it wasn’t just copied out of the book.

• Utilize office hours and ask questions. If you have something you are still unsure of, ask your professor. I am sure they will be more than happy to explain it to you before the exam so you understand it better.

• Stay well rested and take breaks. You will not retain information if you are tired and only half awake studying the information.

• Study with classmates. Your classmates are your closest allies going into this test. They are all studying the same material as you are. Studying in a group allows for questions to be discussed and may help you understand the material better. Chances are, if you study with a group and have a question about something in the material, someone may know the answer, or if not, you can work through finding it together.

Other tips to get you through this week, that I use are:

• Look at your notes daily. Start early and keep looking over them every day.

• Create mnemonic devices to help you remember information.

• Limit social media use while studying.

• Reward yourself – you deserve something for studying as hard as you do. A reward could even be allowing yourself to check social media after putting it away to study.

• Have someone quiz you. If you can talk about the information, then you know you understand the information, if you cannot then you may need to review a little more.

• Listen to music without lyrics. You do not want to overwhelm your brain with too much stimulus.

• If you have questions in the back of your book, take a look at them and work through some of them.

• Spend less time on information that you do know, and more time on more difficult concepts.

• Most importantly, find a way of studying that works for you and roll with it.

Work hard this last week. You got this!