It's okay not to know how you feel about COVID-19. 

I’ve been trying to think about how I feel about COVID-19 for the past week. 

Am I scared because this is unprecedented and a pandemic?

Am I sad because I don’t get to see my grandparents and most of my friends at college have gone home?

Am I frustrated because of all the changes?

Am I overwhelmed with the articles coming out daily with information on this disease spreading all over the world?

Am I happy it means I can spend more time at home with my dog? 

Truth is, I don’t know how I feel and I think that’s okay. 

The United States has 33,276 cases and reported 417 deaths from COVID-19 as of today according to John Hopkins University

At the beginning of this all this virus was something that was “just in Washington” or “just a few people had.” Now it’s spreading and people all over the world are quarantined and/or dying. 

This all almost feels like something you would see in a movie. 

It almost doesn’t feel real. 

My feelings about this pandemic change frequently and it’s hard to put into words my feelings each time they change. 

This could be a good thing for climate change with fewer pollutants being put out by commuters who now have to stay home and some factories being put on pause.  

This could be a bad thing for the economy as the stock market has taken a drastic hit. 

This could be a good thing for people to learn about how much we rely on society and the structures put in place by it. 

This could be a bad thing for businesses and employees with the continuous layoffs that are impacting unemployment and businesses keeping their doors open

It’s a sad situation for the seniors who don’t get their “lasts” and the freshmen who haven’t even gotten the chance to experience the rest of their first year of high school or college. 

It’s a relief for some who have been needing a break from the stress of classes, work and activities. 

I don’t think anyone knows how they really feel about all of this happening right now and that’s okay. We shouldn’t have one set way that we feel because new information becomes available every day, new ways to do things are being put in place and we are in the process of learning to adapt.