Work from home

Stephanie Hoshor's office space while quarantined to her room after coming back from a trip to Hawaii. 

March 16, Day 1:

I’ve been awake for over 24 hours.


I can’t sleep on planes. 

My golf team went to Honolulu, Hawaii for spring break and were there when the news of the outbreak and transitions went out. 

We left Honolulu, Hawaii at 8 p.m. Sunday evening and had roughly a seven-hour flight to Houston, Texas where we arrived at 8:30 a.m. 

Once on the flight from Houston to Omaha, I snuck about an hour nap in which was great but certainly not enough to help the little sleep I was running on.

We landed in Omaha but to my surprise, we were the only airplane at the airport. 

Once we got off, the airport felt very eerie. Besides the people who were waiting to board our plane and TSA employees, there was no one there. 

Once we got down to the baggage claim I had a moment of sadness as everyone was either getting picked up by family members, going home to see theirs or planning to move back for the remainder of spring break to be close with family in this crazy time.  

I was stuck just going back to Crete. 

Originally my aunt was going to pick me up, but with her being immunocompromised it was best for her just to stay home and wave at me from the window so I got a ride to pick my vehicle up from some teammates.Once we got to my aunt’s I walked to her front door, grabbed my key off the whiskey barrel and waved and blew kisses through the window. 

The drive back to Crete felt like it took forever even though it was only an hour and a half. I was exhausted and ready to be done traveling.  

Once I arrived at my home in Crete only one of my roommates was back, the other ones were student teaching.  I unloaded my packed car full of golf clubs in their heavy travel case (45.5 pounds to be exact), my suitcase from the trip to Hawaii, my golf backpack, my school backpack and Vera Bradley weekender bag I had packed for the weekend at my aunt’s house. I brought everything inside, dropped it in my room and right away grabbed the Clorox wipes and wiped down the outside of every bag. I jumped in the shower right away to make sure that I was germ free. After the shower, I did laundry and took the golf clubs out and wiped down my bag and clubs with Clorox wipes - this took forever. After they were all clean I put them back in the travel case and lugged it downstairs since my collegiate season is over. 

My roommates came by to say “hi” but stood in the doorway because we agreed to practice social distancing  in our household. 

This sucked. 

All I wanted to do was hug my roommates and talk about spring break and their trips. Instead, we talked from the doorway, which was better than nothing.

March 17, Day 2:

I woke up at 11:30 a.m. (still on Hawaii time maybe) but I also needed sleep after the long day of travel. 

I took my temperature and it was 96.7 degrees Fahrenheit, still low and still feeling no symptoms of COVID-19. 

I checked my phone and saw 22 emails (yikes) and realized  it was time to face reality. 

After answering what felt like a million emails and trying to figure out what some of my classes were doing, I decided to take a break and watch the new Frozen II (not impressed whatsoever) 

After the movie was over I decided I better check in on the family so I Facetimed my dog and my parents, called my grandparents and then Facetimed my boyfriend. 

I made some dinner and watched the spring premiere of 9-1-1

By the time that got over most, my roommates were home so, like always, they came and talked in the doorway and gave me updates about their day including if their school was closing. 

One of my roommates mentioned they had friends coming over so I got excited because people I love visiting with people and then sadly realized I’d have to keep my six feet of distance. 

Friends, who I haven’t seen in two weeks, I can’t even hug and be excited to see. So when they showed up, I showed my excitement on my face but told them I have to keep my distance because of my travels. As everyone got to sit close on the couch and chit-chat and share a beverage or two, I drank my water and kept my distance.I was grateful to still visit with others and be social. 

March 18, Day 3:

I woke up at 8:30 a.m. with a normal temperature, feeling good and having no symptoms of COVID-19. 

I told myself when I woke up that I was going to be productive today. I hopped in the shower, made some coffee and checked my emails and messages on my phone I’d gotten overnight. 

I decided I should probably clock in a few hours for my job and get some of those 21 emails out of my inbox. 

Afterward, I was pretty bored and starting to go a little stir crazy.  I figured what better time to take a break than now. 

 I pulled up HULU and got caught up on some of my shows, which, sadly, took no time at all. 

My roommate texted me and said that a friend needed to come get something she left at our house since she was moving back to Colorado that day. I needed to run to Walmart but wanted to wait until she came and got her things since this would be the last time I’d probably see her until graduation, if we still have it. 

She and I were neighbors in the dorms freshman year and had been best friends ever since. This was the first time I actually realized how real this all was getting; she was the first person I had to actually say goodbye to. 

It didn’t hit me until I watched her pull out of my driveway that I might not see her again for a few years. 

I headed to Walmart to get things to start packing, milk, more water and some vitamins. 

As I pulled up to Walmart I immediately realized this was going to be an adventure. The parking lot was packed. 

I  started to get a bit nervous because I’d heard the horror stories of what the retail stores were like now and how people were fighting over the simplest things including toilet paper. 

I prepared myself and walked in. It was a madhouse from the moment I walked in. I took a wet wipe, wiped off the cart I grabbed and headed straight to the back to grab my gallon jugs of water. There were only four left so I grabbed them. The store must’ve just restocked water bottles because people were fighting over them like crazy.  I got some almond milk and headed straight for the moving boxes and other things on my list.. 

I’d never been so scared to be in Walmart. People did not care if they were running into you and they weren’t looking where they were going. 

It was as if the purge was getting ready to start. 

Thankfully that’d be my last Walmart trip for a long time. I got home and put everything away and started to organize my room. Time flew before I knew it and it was time to unwind and head to bed and watch some Netflix

March 19, Day 4:

I laid in bed until 10 a.m. because I had no reason to be up any earlier. I finally got up and decided to shower before my. Zoom call with the Senior Student Philanthropy Committee to talk about what our next steps were moving forward since the change in campus life. After the call, I cleaned my fridge out and rearranged my room. 

I Facetimed my mom for a while about what my plans were and she got to see the two puppies that live in my house and visit with them for a while.. 

I then decided to be productive and go through some more emails and by the time I got done my roommate got home from school and came and visited from the doorway. She went down to pack her bag since she was going home that evening and I started to look for something to do because, yet again, I was getting bored. 

My roommate soon texted me that she was staying here so we convened in the living room sitting on separate couches  (social distancing at its best) and watched the new HULU series Little Fires Everywhere

After finishing the third episode it was time for bed.

March 20, Day 5:

I woke up at 8:30 a.m. and checked my daily social media and emails. I looked over the new altered calendars for my classes and updated them in my planner, Google Calendar and on my whiteboard which take very long.

 I checked to see if there were any of my television shows that I hadn’t watched and, by golly, there it was! I watched the newest episode of Bless this Mess then decided to take a nap. I ended up sleeping until my other roommate came to say farewell since she was moving home.

Once they left the house just felt weird, everyone who lived upstairs is now all moved out making no reason to even go up there. All that was left was the main floor and basement roommates, so four of us and one four-legged pup, Muri. 

March 21, Day 6:

I woke up at 8:30 a.m. to a call from my mother.

 “How are you feeling? Are you doing okay? Do I need to talk you off the ledge?,” she said.

 I am still feeling fine and this is just my mother’s way of joking around in this tough time of quarantine. 

I heard my Apple Watch start buzzing to tell me my grandparents called me to try and set up a Costco account online to . order groceries and other things, in bulk, to their house since they are trying not to go anywhere if they don’t have to, especially at their age. 

After that call ended, I got a call from my boss back in Florida. The news had hit. They shut down all the beaches in my part of Florida and restaurants. My company had to cancel all vacation rental bookings for the whole month of March, and with that news means changing our social media plan for March so off to work I went. 

Once all that was done I decided to go check out Twitter to see if the Golf Digest’s March Madness round two had been posted and it had! Excitement, time to cast my votes for round two of who is the greatest golf course architect. 

Going onto Twitter got me on a roll of tweeting and sharing news about the golf industry.. Going onto Twitter gave me the idea to post a brief blog about Golf Digest’s March Madness bracket challenge to find who is the greatest golf course architect. 

After writing, I went to do a photoshoot for my senior graphic design show, which will now be posted virtually on April 16 due to campus changes

March 22, Day 7:

I woke up with no power in the house so I didn’t know what to do since I was going to do homework.  

I talked to my grandparents and my grandma was helping Holy Stitchers make surgical masks to go to nursing homes and some hospitals because of the virus. 

The one thing that’s positive about this quarantine is I really get to sit back and smell the roses while staying on top of school work. I get to read some books I’ve been wanting to for a while now and can focus more time into my job search for after graduation. 

The bad thing I lost almost all of my on-campus jobs, meaning my monthly income took a hit. 

One week down and one more to go. This next week I’m going to be more productive and get back into the swing of things and hopefully back to as close to my normal schedule as I can get. 

First week of quarantine was a little rough but I think I’ve gotten used to life online and hopefully will get back to my normal sleep schedule soon.