A little over two weeks ago, our [students’] worlds were flipped upside down with classes being transitioned online

We had an extra week of spring break to move, get situated for the rest of the semester and prepare for online classes. 

Do you know who didn’t get that extra break? 


Professors took that extra week to transition their in-person classes to a virtual experience. Some, including art, music and theater professors, had to completely rethink how their classes would look. Not to mention dealing with the many questions they received from students freaking out about what was going on. 

Throughout this whole process, our professors have remained calm, at least in students’ eyes, and flexible. They have stayed positive and helpful. 

As much as students may gripe and complain about online classes, we really should be thanking our professors for putting the time and effort into transitioning. 

Transitioning online was no small task, but they did it - and they did it in a week with only one day of training to learn how to teach online.

From what I have seen from our professors at Doane, they just confirm the reason so many of us love Doane. We love the relationships we built with our faculty. We cherish those people who take the time to get to know us, check in on us, offer us help when we need it and make sure our experience is exceptional. 

While this whole process is not ideal, the professors are working to make sure it is as positive of an experience as it can be.

Professors aren’t just professors though. They are also parents, spouses, significant others, friends, employees, etc. They are people too. They are having to work through social isolation just as we students are. 

When you get a chance, send a message to your professors thanking them for what they are doing; they don’t hear it enough.