Opinion: Embrace 'Happy Accidents'

  • 1 min to read

Bob Ross would have celebrated his 77th birthday yesterday. The man-turned-meme spread a message of love and self-acceptance through his painting shows, “The Joy of Painting” which aired on PBS originally and are now available to Netflix users.

A typical episode consists of Ross showing step-by-step how he brings the world in his head to life. He encourages viewers and fellow painters to embrace their own worlds and be creative. He often refers to “happy little accidents” as opportunities for beauty. He will often turn a smudge into a bush or a tree and the outcome is beautiful.

Our lives are messed up. We all make mistakes of our own. We fail, we hurt, we fall down and we break. But we can look at these trials and tribulations one of two ways; a roadblock or an opportunity for beauty.

We like to think our lives are following our plans. And plans will inevitably change. A failure, a diagnosis, a death or something will inevitably get in the way of our initial plans. So why not embrace the challenges and make something beautiful? Fail a test? Grow. Blossom in knowledge as you work to improve your understanding.

We all go through hardships. Rather than shutting out the light in your own life, light the way for someone else. You never know whose life you could change. It may even be your own. Don’t let the fear of accidents keep you from painting. Continue making art in everything you do.