Opinion: Doane needs to seek racial diversity

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Without racial diversity, Doane cannot tell racially diverse stories through performing arts.

Doane prides itself on inclusion and diversity, however, the lack thereof prohibits needed narratives.

Let’s be clear.

I’m not suggesting the production of “A Raisin in the Sun” should be performed without people of color.

Absolutely not.

What I am stating is the need for actors and actresses of color in order to tell narratives.

As a community, we need to encourage humans of different intersectionalities to share new perspectives and representatives of groups.

There needs to an active search for actors and actresses to implement new narratives at our college.

Doane has a play selection committee that handpicks its upcoming season.

The committee is made up of students and faculty at Doane that choose that plays Doane will produce in the upcoming season.

In the past, there has been discussion about “In the Next Room” by Sarah Ruhl.

The discussion included the lack of women of color involved in performing arts.

The reason is valid, although the audience misses out on a unique narrative.

This play requires a strong black woman.

Due to the lack of racial diversity among actors and actresses, Doane cannot perform this production. Therefore, this educational narrative did not make it to the season.

Although Doane has this conflict, I’m sure additional theatres, communities and colleges struggle finding diversity as well.

However, there needs to be an outreach and a strong desire to cultivate an inclusive and welcoming space to promote diversity in the performing arts.

Doane needs to actively and purposefully seek racial diversity to perform various narratives. There’s a collaboration that needs to take place.

Individuals choosing the plays need to select a play Doane can produce authentically.

However, there needs to be an active desire to implement diversity in the performing arts. Simply settling and allowing the dismissal of crucial narratives is unacceptable when advertising or crafting a desire for these stories are plausible.

The need for diversity is fulfilled by advertising and picking shows that require an array of differences among its cast.

There’s a plethora of material that gage ethnicity, diversity and inclusivity challenges within the script.

The article RAW directs attention to a demographic shift in the United States suggesting a more diverse country in the upcoming years. The mission of Project 2050, founded by New World Theater, is to gain insight and share multicultural stories sooner rather than later.

“One of New WORLD Theater’s artistic legacies is Project 2050, an early call to imagine the U.S. demographic shift, with people of the future - youth, in equal collaboration with artists and scholars.”

There are steps required to implement a well-rounded performing arts at Doane University. Attempting and implementing narratives from multi-cultural perspectives is crucial to educational purposes, empowerment and encouraging individuals to share their unique stories while giving voice to otherwise silenced narratives.