OPINION: Doane Shield insulting to Doane Student Media

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As a journalism major and a writer and editor for the Owl, the oldest student-led newspaper in Nebraska, I felt offended when I saw that the Doane Shield called themselves “the official news source of Doane University.”

The Owl has been around since 1874, meaning it is a 143 year old newspaper and a part of Doane’s rich history. Doane’s history is important to many of its students and it has been sad to see a lot of its history slowly disappear when it went from Doane College to Doane University.

When I first saw the email of the Doane Shield newsletter, I almost felt like it was trying to erase the Owl's existence- like it was trying to hide not only the bad things on campus but also some of the good things that are going on.

Additionally, I find it suspicious that the Doane Shield releases their newsletter on Wednesdays, just one day before the Doane Owl releases its weekly paper.

I understand that the Owl isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, but have you ever read any newspaper that doesn’t at least have one negative thing in it? No? I didn’t think so- it is a newspaper's job to tell the news, not be cheerleaders.

Newsflash people: there isn’t a perfect university out there; almost every university and college campus has some sort of scandal or problem going on every year.

Let’s take the University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL), for example. Last May, two Husker football players got arrested for possession of marijuana and everyone and their mother was reporting on it, granted this is a bigger school so a lot more people and news channels know their business.

Like UNL's issue, Doane had it's own internal problem this year; as soon as the Lincoln Journal Star caught wind of the vote of no confidence in President Jacque Carter and saw that Doaneline and The Doane Owl had been covering it, they too wrote an article about it.

Things like the vote of no confidence in Carter and the recent Tracey Wyatt scandal are both types of news that students at our university have the right to know because it affects them. The Doane Owl doesn’t write about these things on campus to destroy reputations or scare off potential students; we do it to tell the news, give ourselves a journalistic experience for the real world when breaking news like this happens and to inform the students on campus.

There are scandals and issues going on everywhere in other campuses that we may not know about because we don’t go there. So, I as a writer, am not going to hide the news and issues going on internally on this campus, as I feel that not only students, but alumni, have the right to know what is actually going on.

The Doane Shield will never be my “official source of news” for this campus, the oldest college student-led paper in Nebraska, the Doane Owl, will be.