Opinion: Relax this holiday season

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December is a month meant for watching movies under warm, fluffy blankets with hot cocoa in hand and a belly full of delicious food. 

You shouldn’t do this only on Christmas day but rather all month long.

Everyone reading this deserves to have an entire month dedicated to joy and revitalization. With so much time spent focusing on our studies and doing other activities we are all involved in on campus, we neglect our mental and physical health. 

We get less sleep than is required to function properly and still perform at a high level. Waking up late and taking a three-hour nap while binge-watching a show on Netflix is a daily goal we should all strive for over the holiday break. 

We have been eating food from the cafeteria and the Den which, as we all know, is not nutritious or delicious. Having access to amazing holiday meals and treats is something we need to take advantage of while we can. January is for resolutions to get healthier and get in shape. December is for gaining a couple of pounds through eating great food. 

Spending time with friends and family is important; getting to reconnect with those loved ones brings a joy that brightens up our holidays. 

However, making time to spend with yourself is crucial. Many of us live on campus and are constantly within a few feet of our peers. While this can be fun and it contributes to the campus atmosphere, it’s healthy to take a break from it and treat yo’ self to some me-time. 

Take extra long showers, do a face mask (they are for everyone and they are amazing), slip into a pair of $10 pajama pants from Old Navy and fuzzy socks. Do what brings you joy and reboots your system after a semester of working hard. 

Take the time to appreciate the Christmas lights and holiday cheer. The decorations will soon be taken down and everyone will be chilled to the bone by the relentless cold of January. The holidays are a time when we can embrace the snowy weather and make the best of it. 

Stay warm, watch all the movies you can (good and bad), eat as much food as your body can handle and love yourself and those around you.