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Jay-Z has 99 problems, but we only have one: life.  Solutions are nice, but they are never enough to fix all our problems.  Every new "fix-all" falls short of its promise. We assume that these "fix-alls" will make life better.  News flash, they will not.

I could be wrong, but I am going all in on wagering that we will never run out of problems.  Diseases never give up. War never ends. Every political, scientific, religious or technological development falls short of their promises.

We can not spend all our time trying to solve every problem. We will bounce from one issue to another. We will find ourselves strung out by the hopelessness of efforts of futility. I would rather just live.

Life is the only problem we have to worry about. We have successfully eluded our best efforts to drown it in reason and order. Life is a mystery only solved by our deaths. While living, we cannot hope to solve this complex problem. Therein lies the beauty of existence.

Suffering ceases to be the problems once we live despite it.  When your body and mind are at peace, it is hard to hold on to the hate, worry, anxiety and doubt. These things seek to drive us on endless chases for money, glory, security and pleasure that fuel the suffering.

A meal that you eat today will not stop you from being hungry tomorrow, but it will make you full for today.  A dollar that you earn today will not guarantee a retirement or savings for the future.

It can make a difference today, though. If you do not believe me, just ask all the people who lost their retirement savings, homes, jobs and wealth during the housing crisis of 2008.

There is no safety net in life. Banks can fail. Insurance agencies can go under. You can die at any moment and there is never a guarantee that we will have clean air, potable water and enough food to eat.  

Such a reality is unpleasant, be we cannot run from it. You can try to make a new invention or a radical new theory, but you cannot escape the problem of life. You can only live it and make the most of each day.

Whenever I feel stressed, I like to remind myself that a meteorite could fall from the sky and wipe out all life. There would be nothing I could do, then I smile.  Accepting your own mortality puts everything in perspective.

If I could die tomorrow, I sure as heck am not going to waste my time worrying about trivial things like fraternity squabbles or political disputes. If those things are going to happen, they will happen; oh well.

All you and I can do is live our lives to their fullest and accepting others instead of hating and hurting them. We can offer hands to help those who are struggling and accepting life as is, regardless of how good or bad it gets.

We all have problems, but you only have to worry about one.  If we stop working so hard to fix a world and make it what we think it should be, we might find that it is pretty amazing as is. 

Stop worrying about tomorrow and what could be. After all, there is always a 50 percent chance that tomorrow does not come. Better to live in the now than to gamble on those odds.