Politics affect more in our day to day lives than most people realize.

Most people think they can ignore it all and it will be fine, but that's not the case for people of color and minority groups.

The ability to ignore politics is a privilege, though even if you are allowed that privilege, you should deny it. Being informed is the only way to protect the people around you and you should strive to do so even if it will have little impact on you.

Politics are not just government spending or military budget.

Politics affect my entire life, especially as a minority race and as a woman. When people support politicians, such as Trump, who threaten my way of life, it is no longer something I can "get past" or ignore. 

One thing I have never understood is why people continue to be friends with people who have opposing political and moral views. 

I cannot be friends with someone who believes indigenous peoples should not have the same rights as them. I cannot be friends with someone who avidly rejects my existence in this country. 

The belief that politics shouldn't affect relationships is misguided. Minority groups do not have the luxury of ignoring politics because it will always affect us directly.

For example, if someone is voting to have Planned Parenthood shut down, my life will be effected because of my sex. My reproductive rights are at stake, as is my health if I ever need access to cheap cancer screenings. 

People try to ignore the important part of our lives that politics play just to avoid conflict.  My way of life is on the line; My healthcare rights and my freedoms are too. I refuse to compromise my values in order to avoid conflict with others.t. Ignorance may be bliss for you, but it is detrimental to others. 

Ignoring the political views of those around you in order to maintain peace does nothing but allow those with power to keep that power. 

If you continuously support a politician or political standpoint that threatens my existence, we cannot be friends. I cannot stay neutral when it comes to hot topics, and neither should you.

Not choosing a side is choosing a side, more often the side that already has more power over the other. When it comes to politics, it may be easier to ignore them and “stay out of it”, but staying out of it is allowing injustices to continue and leavin minority groups to fend for themselves.

Stay informed, don’t try and take the easy route of not choosing sides, and don’t ignore the views of others to avoid conflict.