Opinion: Doane brings people back

  • 1 min to read
Zach Fam

Doane is my home. 

If I’ve learned anything in my past 4 years here at Doane, it’s that Doane brings people back.

As a third-generation Doane student, this institution has played a critical role in my life since I owe much of my existence to it. 

My parents met here on campus, years ago, but not before my grandfather walked campus back in the late 1960s. 

Doane brings people together and brings them back to campus. With a sibling on campus, we are extremely thankful for all the opportunities Doane has brought us.

Homecoming is a time for celebration, football and friends, but it is also a time for reflection. 

Old friends return and stories are shared about their time here, what they learned, their mistakes. 

These moments are the common thread through every Doane graduate, the binding agent where we all understand the inside jokes of campus, the tall-tales that defined our careers here. 

Homecoming creates a space where families can come and celebrate the life that started here. 

I’m thankful for these moments. I enjoy seeing my parents’ old classmates laugh together as if they were still living in the quads together and as if Greek Week was just yesterday. 

There will always be stories, and Doane is the home where all our stories come together, for brief moments, that create beautiful memories of those we love most during our time here.