Opinion: Travel while you have the chance

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Traveling today is something that influencers on Instagram use to brag and amass hundreds of thousands of followers, but that really isn’t what travel is about.

Traveling used to be a luxury that was only reserved with those who had the funds to burn, but now traveling is becoming more and more affordable. Airlines are constantly offering discount flights everywhere in the world and with companies like Airbnb, lodging accommodations are becoming increasingly affordable. Many people are able to travel to where they want to for cheaper and are able to stay longer without having to stay in hostels, which are often seen as sketchy places to stay.

These reasons alone are enough to make an impromptu trip, but it's experiences and knowledge that is gained from these places that really makes the monetary aspect obsolete.

Traveling within the United States is an experience in itself, but it fails to amount to anything when compared to traveling abroad.

From personal experience, I have been all over the world and have truly experienced once-in-a-lifetime events every single time I’ve gone.

I’ve snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef, been inside a pyramid in Egypt, held koalas in Australia, and been within an arm’s length of tigers in Zambia, to name just a few of the incredible things I’ve been blessed enough to experience.

I’m not at all saying these experiences to brag, but to encourage you to get out of the country. The things you can do and see all over the world are simply unmatched here in the United States.

Traveling offers so many benefits that far outweigh the money you will part with. Having been all over the world, and 48 of the 50 States, I can confidently say that the US completely fails to even rival the amazing things that are abroad.

The most common excuse for traveling is ‘I can’t afford to travel, it’s just too expensive.’ That may be true for some places and some airlines, but with enough searching, anyone truly can travel. There are flights to Rome from New York for as low as $269, round trip. Granted you have to get to New York and that may be the most expensive piece, but to go to one of the most historical places on Earth, the price is incredibly worth it.

In summary, get out and travel. Go experience something that you may never have the chance to do ever again. The cost of traveling has never been lower, and the memories that you will have will last for a lifetime.