Opinion: Just did it... now what?

  • 1 min to read

It’s always been a dream of mine to have my own puppy, not a dog that the family shares, but a dog that is truly mine.

That dream turned to a reality a week and a half ago when I picked up my Siberian Husky puppy.

The puppy, named Nike, is everything I wanted in a dog. He’s sweet, smart and a great cuddler. I went out of my way to make this happen, throwing caution to the wind surrounding my free time, social life and bank account.

All of these things I knew would change, but as Nike sits in my lap while I write this, I didn’t realize how much work he would be. 

I knew the potty training would be a handful since I’ve been through it multiple times. I knew that training him could be difficult. 

All of this said, I was never prepared for the crate training. The long nights at the beginning were tough, with him screaming all night for the first few nights. My roommates weren’t the happiest with the situation because he was such a loud puppy, but with a few adjustments, he is slowly getting better.

I had to give up the luxury of sleeping in my bed and traded it for the floor in my living room. Yes, I sleep on the ground next to the kennel so Nike will be quiet. 

I gave up full nights of sleep for an hour and a half naps so I can take him out and continue to potty train him throughout the night.

I struggle going to class because I know I’m going to have to lock up Nike and know that he’s howling and freaking out the whole time I’m gone.

Despite all the struggles and sacrifices I’ve made, I refuse to give up or change anything until he is comfortable in his new home.

The responsibility required is a challenge that I welcome but others may not. Know that your life will change significantly to accommodate a new family member. If you are not willing to do that from day one, then any dog you will end up with is going to deserve better. 

I know that I have a built-in lifelong friend, and I can’t wait for what the future holds for Nike and me.