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Opinion: Closing your windows can make a difference

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While living in Nebraska, you may notice that the weather can change drastically within 24 hours.

It can go from 50 degrees to -5 degrees in a weekend. With the tease in temperature, your body may get used to the nice weather and just want that fresh air.

While opening your window and getting fresh air may seem like a good idea, do not do it. Keep your windows shut in the dorms. By keeping them shut, you save lots of money and damage to the buildings.

As someone who lives off campus and has to pay for their own heat, opening any door or window with my heat on in the house is costing me money.

Living in a dorm, you might not realize how expensive it is to heat a building. Leaving windows open only lets the heat out making your heater work harder and harder to put out the temperature it is set at.

With outside temperatures being below freezing, it is already hard for heaters to keep up to the 60 degrees (or above) that you keep your room. Opening windows only increases the amount it has to heat.

Making your heater work that much more is costly. It is expensive to heat that much, and also making it run that much increases your chance that your heater is going to “work itself to death.” According to Brian Flesner, director of Doane Facilities Operations, a typical unit costs $1,5000 and repairs can be anywhere to $500-1,000.

Many dorms have been having issues with flooding, and opening windows could cause another flood. Opening your windows can cause pipes to burst. Flooding could be contained to one room or spread to multiple rooms. Depending on what all the flooding affects, repairs can cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. 

If you opening your window because you are getting warm in your room, buy a fan. You can go to Walmart and get the cheap ones just to help keep your room cool.

If you are having problems with your heater, contact Facilities who will be available to help fix the problem.

As nice as fresh, cool air may be, it is not worth the damage that you could do to your dorm.

The money that would be being spent on these repairs could be spent more efficiently on other projects for Doane. By leaving your windows shut, you could be saving Doane thousands of dollars that could be better spent other places.