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Opinion: Respect those who maintain our campus

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One of Doane’s biggest selling points is our beautiful campus. Those who work to maintain it deserve our respect.

I remember touring campus for the first time. I was in awe of the work that went into maintaining the greenery and keeping buildings clean.

The beauty of the campus was something that I didn’t expect and made an honest difference in my thoughts about attending Doane.

Now, stories of vandalism affecting both grounds and custodial staff became public. I can imagine this being frustrating not only to students but to those maintenance and facilities crews.

Students are responsible for ensuring Doane maintains it’s marketable beauty. They should act responsibly and maturely and work with staff.

It is crucial that students are able to respect the work done by grounds and custodial staff members. They should take responsibility for cleaning up campus and buildings and keeping Doane picturesque.

Taking a moment to thank the facilities staff may be nice. To truly make a difference, it is up to students to invest in the campus.

You can do something small like cleaning up your messy table in Lakeside. Letting the facilities staff know when something is wrong can save them time. This can give them time to solve bigger issues that may be on their schedule.

Obviously, it is not a student’s job to clean every single speck of dust that hits the floor. Students should find the balance of working and communicating with facilities is.

Remember that this campus is both a shared and temporary home. Try to work as hard as possible to do your part in assisting those who work to improve it.