Opinion: Students need recognition

  • 1 min to read

As an art student, I am so proud to see fellow classmates getting the recognition they deserve for the time and effort they put into their artwork.

The students spend hours upon hours in the studio working and alone sketching ideas.

This applies to all art students whether they paint, create ceramic pieces or draw. Even graphic designers go through the timely process.

Senior fine art and graphic designers are busy this week proposing their senior show.

Theater students had auditions this week. Instead of studying for exams, they were busy memorizing monologues and perfecting audition songs.

Music students are sacrificing their weekend to put on the annual Christmas festival which features Doublewide, Concert band, collegiate choir, Doane choir and the strings ensemble.

Our students are so busy, but when they receive recognition and praise, it can mean a world of difference in performance.

When you see your fellow students this week, give them a smile and remind them they can get through this.

If you see someone doing something great, such as making great projects, singing great songs, getting callbacks, tell them that you noticed.

Hannah Brust said it well in the article about her ceramic rabbit getting a very impressive award and accepted into a very competitive art show.

“As an artist, I am finally getting the recognition I’ve always dreamed about.”

While a lot of us won’t get into an international art show, the recognition is still something that fuels motivation to do well.