Nobody in the world is particularly happy about being stuck in quarantine, but there are many benefits that people overlook.

For starters, those who are around family have newfound time with their loved ones. In a world where we are always busy, it is a blessing in disguise to be with those that we don’t get to see as often as we would like. 

We as individuals now have more free time to pursue passions that we otherwise would not be able to. We have time to read, play new games, learn new skills and do the things that we have been putting off because of our hectic lifestyles.

The earth itself is making great strides as people are limited by travel and outside interaction with the environment.

In Wuhan, China, the skies have once again become blue due to the lack of pollution being caused by the usual city life. With China in lockdown, cars were effectively pulled from the streets, allowing the sky to return to its original color.

In Venice, Italy, the waterways have become clear again. Fish can be seen inhabiting the waters for the first time in years due to the lack of traffic and tourists,

Dolphins have been seen returning to beaches in multiple places all over the world as well. 

By no means is this worldwide pandemic a good thing, but amid all the panic and negativity, it is important to shed some light on the few positives that are occurring. In this time of social distancing and isolation, good news is needed, now more than ever. 

Instead of sitting inside and pouting because you can’t go out and do things, take this time to evaluate your life. What do you want to do? What are some old hobbies that you lost the time to be able to do? 

Try to see the quarantine as a potential period of growth, as a time to reconsider some things that you had been putting off. 

As college students, we live whirlwind lives that don’t always allow us to do the things that we want to. Now is as good a time as ever to teach your dog a new trick or read that book you bought two years ago and forgot about. 

Don’t focus so much on the negatives in the world. Focus on what positives you can create each and every day and the time will fly by.