Opinion: Newest Pokemon games revamp the franchise

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Gotta catch em all!

Pokemon Sword and Shield, the newest releases in the Pokemon series, has ended a two-year hiatus on the popular title by bringing new gameplay mechanics and a new region for players to explore.

The games are groundbreaking in terms of new mechanics and gameplay, giving fans and avid players a new way to play one of the most popular titles of all time.

Sword and Shield were released this past Friday, Nov 15 for the Nintendo Switch exclusively.

The titles both take place in the new Galar region, based off of the U.K.

The goal of this game, along with past games, is to both become the greatest trainer of the region and to catch every Pokemon.

When Pokemon are caught in the game, their stats and information are put in the Pokedex, a journal that keeps track of every caught Pokemon. When every single Pokemon available is registered in the Pokedex, players can say they have truly beat the game and took the saying “Gotta catch ‘em all” quite literally.

The new gameplay mechanics offer something new for the fans who were getting tired of the same old game, but also incorporates enough of the classic games for the purist fans who have been with the game since day one.

The most notable of the new mechanics is the incorporated “Wild Area”, something that has never been in the Pokemon franchise before. The area is unlocked very quickly in the game and it offers a chance for players to see what Pokemon are near them, making it easier for players to catch the creatures they want. Of course, this is incredibly helpful in the quest to “catch ‘em all,” the ultimate goal in the game.

One change is the ability to Dynamax, with some Pokemon also being able to Gigantamax. This change is a huge addition to the game, pun intended. This is something never before seen in Pokemon that allows you to make your Pokemon huge, therefore making them much more powerful.

This gameplay mechanic makes battling more enjoyable for players, as there is now an additional skill needed within the game to master.

The game has had massive success, according to Forbes.com. Pokemon Shield on its own came in at number three on the U.K. sales chart, and Sword topping the charts. The dual-pack that includes both of the games came in at number seven overall on the charts.

The recent releases are an example of Nintendo’s incredible ability to combine successful franchises with a console that brings the best of both handheld systems and home gaming consoles.

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular systems on the planet, as it allows you to not only play on the go but to also put the system in a dock and display it straight to the T.V.

The game is not without its criticisms though, with many fans upset with how long the graphics and transitions take in the game.

According to IGN.com, the biggest issues fans have with the game is its limited Pokedex, or the number of Pokemon actually in the game. With many older favorites being left out of the game, many fans are mad that they can’t bring play with their favorite Pokemon in the newest title.

The reasoning for this, Junichi Masuda of the Pokemon Company said, is that because of the higher quality of the game, it is impossible to do all of the animations that are required for each of the Pokemon, of which there are around 800.

Regardless of whether you are a diehard Pokemon fan or a casual player looking to get back into a game from your childhood, Pokemon Sword and Shield has something for everybody to enjoy.