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Opinion: Think for yourself

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Many people side follow their political beliefs before facts and logic.

People are much too likely to sell out the truth for a fantasy that aligns with their political stance. A fantasy that ignores the many complexities involved with discovering facts.

This issue affects everybody with any strong political belief. It horrifies me because I know I have done it in the past.

We go through mental gymnastics of trying to keep our party-line beliefs. We are presented with facts, figures and evidence to the contrary. This symbolizes the “Us-vs.-Them” mentality that is common in modern political discourse.

Most of the divisive and unfactual rhetoric was limited to our cable TV screens in the form of Fox News and MSNBC. Today the lies come to us on Facebook, Reddit and Twitter.

We stand at the crossroads as an entire generation poisoned by toxic social media and using the same technology to stop the poisoning from happening.

It is time we stop believing the words straight from the donkey or elephants mouth. We must start thinking for ourselves again.

It’s time we ask ourselves if we want to form our own opinions. Do we want to have them spoonfed to us by the two political parties and their television mouthpieces?

I think we all know the answer.

So don’t be afraid to check facts. Don’t be afraid to call out politicians from your own party when they lie to you and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Use the tools we have to make a change in the world, and use them to break the hold that harsh partisanship and fake news have on society today.