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Men's basketball lost to Bethel College in a close game

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The men's basketball team huddles during a time-out. 

The Tigers could not hold the lead they had the entire first half due to Bethel College's 50 percent 3-point shooting that won the game for them.

The men’s basketball team lost 69-77 Tuesday night.

The Threshers shot the ball from the 3-point arc at 25 percent the previous game before playing Doane.

Men’s Head Basketball coach, Ian McKeithen, said the scout report on Bethel showed that shooting was not one of their strengths. One of the goals for the game was to keep Bethel’s players on the perimeter because he did not expect good shooting, McKeithen said.

“I give credit to Bethel for stepping up and making big shots,” McKeithen said.

The last 3 minutes of the first half consisted of a comeback from the Threshers being down around 10 points for most of the half.

Sophomore Garran Pauli said Bethel’s intensity managed to get them back in the game.

“We had a hard time responding to Bethel’s shooting,” Pauli said. “We did not bring enough energy to the second half to counter Bethel’s momentum that came from cutting the score down to 40-41 before half.”

Bethel’s nonstarter freshman, Jaylon Scott, led their team in points at half with 13. Scott’s 13 rebounds against the Tigers kept Bethel ahead in the second half.

Senior Koh Flippin said the momentum Bethel had at the end of the first half carried over into the second half.

The Thresher’s energy and shooting confidence made it very hard for the Tigers to get going in the second half.

Coach McKeithen said that Nick and Koh did some nice things for the team but also left some points on the court.

Flippin broke the 5-minute dry spell of no scoring from the Tigers in the second half with a layup.

The Tigers could never catch back up to the 15-0 run the Threshers went on to start the second half. Bethel developed a solid 10-point lead early in the second half and then traded baskets with the Tigers until the end of the game.

The closest the Tigers got to taking the lead in the second half was down by 6 points with 4:24 minutes left on the game clock.

Coach McKeithen said this game gave the team a lot to learn from. One of the biggest things is watching film and being able to learn the little things that win games, he said.

McKeithen said it will be hard to win any game if we shoot 6/26 from the 3-point line like we did against Bethel.

“We can improve in finding ways to win the game when the ball isn’t being shot well,” McKeithen said.

Pauli said the game was a tough loss but the team is moving forward.

“We need to be tough enough to ensure we have a quick turn around,” Pauli said. “Playing Nebraska Wesleyan on Friday will give us a great opportunity to bounce back.”