The Great Plains Athletic Conference put a three week hold on all practices and games for athletes in the conference starting on Monday. 

According to the GPAC’s official statement on the COVID-19 outbreak, “The suspension applies to all institutional practices and competitions in any GPAC sport, regardless of season, until the suspension is lifted.”

Athletes are expected to return to campus on April 5, as of now. 

In an email to athletes and coaches, Athletic Director Matt Franzen encouraged students to return home until the moratorium was over but said the decision to return would be up to the athletes themselves.

If there is a return to play on April 5th, you would have a decision to make at that time.  If you feel that you are at a health risk then you will not be required to return to campus and will not be penalized for making this choice,” Franzen said. 

Students who decide to return home but plan to come back to Doane to participate in their spring sports need to contact Residential Life at Doane to coordinate housing plans.

For students who are unable to return home for the near future, Franzen reiterated Res Life’s message that housing and food services would remain open.

Coaches are expected to be in contact with their respective teams over the next few weeks to figure out their plans for the remainder of the season. 

Any athletes who have sport-specific questions should contact their coaches to get more information.