Intramural football starts season strong

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Flag football season is in full swing for intramurals and the students participating are enjoying themselves. Intramurals have been reinvigorated at Doane with the help of Shawn Kincade and the sports offered have been successful, according to students.

The intramurals program offers a way for students who were unable to compete at the collegiate level, or just any student in general, to play sports. Additionally, it is a considerably smaller time commitment than other athletics at Doane. Students are able to play once a week on Sundays, while not having to clear their schedules and sacrifice time for homework and schoolwork.

It gives the students who have large amounts of work and schoolwork not only a way to play sports, but also to have fun and meet new people.

Sophomore Jacob Hruska said the teams are competitive but everyone knows it’s all fun and games. The competitive spirit is there while offering a more lighthearted atmosphere.

“The teams trash talk but I think everyone knows no one is being serious. Just like a backyard Thanksgiving football game, honestly,” said Hruska.

This is his first year playing intramurals at Doane and he said it offers him a way to play the game he loves.

“Playing football, I haven’t played since middle school and it’s just fun to catch mad TD’s,” Hruska said.

Participants in flag football will be looking forward to the rest of the season which will carry on for the next few weeks.