Indoor facility made for golf teams

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A new indoor facility is being put in at the College Heights Golf Course in Crete for the Doane golf teams.

The building establishment will be completed and fully up this week.

The goal for the rest of the indoor equipment to be installed is the beginning of March, Doane men’s golf team head coach Myron Parsley said.

The indoor facility will include four hitting bays so golfers can stand inside of the facility with the garage doors open and hit golf balls out to the range while being in a heated building.

The facility will also include three indoor hitting simulators and an 800 square foot putting green specialty made by Pro Putt Systems.

“A lot of hard work has been put in, especially by Coach Parsley, that has led us to this point,” senior men’s team golfer Roger Sack said. “As we wait for the finishing stages, the hope is we’ll get as much use as possible out of it this spring.”

Parsley based this project off of the indoor facility at Wilderness Ridge Golf Course in Lincoln which was made for the University of Nebraska at Lincoln golf teams. Doane’s facility will be a condensed version of what they have.

Potentially, this facility will improve recruitment from warmer areas, with students who are used to golfing during the winter months. It will also allow for practice during times when the weather does not allow for outdoor practice.

“This facility is fairly unique for a school our size to have something like that available,” Parsley said.

As of right now, the facility will be for Doane use only, but in the future it may be opened to the public.

The team has been fundraising to raise money for this project. Both the men's and women’s teams hosted a golf tournament over the summer. The men’s team has also reached out to alumni and parents of current players for contributions.

A web-based fundraiser is also going on right now to raise money for this project, as well as the spring break golf trip that five members of the men’s team will be going on and for entry fees for tournaments.

The eTeamSponsor fundraiser has raised over $5,000 so far.