Athletes and coaches from the Doane Track and Field Team and others pick up trash along the road on April 26.

The Doane Track and Field team lost their outdoor season due to COVID-19, but their work this semester is not done yet. 

In a message to the team, head coach Ed Fye said, “I want the Doane Track and Field Team to do something special this weekend to bring awareness to what we can still do as a team even when we are not together.” 

Fye challenged the team members to go out and do something for their families, communities or healthcare workers. 

After doing the activity, he encouraged the team to post on social media saying, “The Doane Track and Field Team may not be together this spring to achieve our team goals, but we are still coming together as a team wherever we are able to help better the lives of our community, friends and family.”

Fye said he is trying to help the team understand that even though they are not together to compete for championships, they are always still a team. Even the alumni are part of the team, he said. 

“Once you are a Doane track and field member, you are always a Tiger,” Fye said. 

On April 26, track members and coaches picked up trash along Road 2350, Road H and County Road 2400. 

Senior Julius Dickmander is staying in Crete and was a part of the trash pickup. 

“I think Coach Fye’s idea of doing service events in your home community helps to prove the point that our coaches not only push us to be better athletes, but also to be better humans and more involved in our local communities,” Dickmander said. 

Sophomore Luke Urbonavicius also helped with the track pickup. 

“Fye has always been committed to helping the community in any way we can,” Urbonavicius said. “Being part of his team isn’t just about competing in the sport, but being a good person of character and taking care of the community that cares so much for us as well.”