Underclassmen show promise at Wrestling Dual

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The wrestling team competed in a dual Thursday night against Morningside University.

Morningside held Doane to only nine points while they rallied a total of 35 points.

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“Today we did well, that’s kind of how it goes with a young team, you’re going to have good and bad days,” grad assistant Kodie Cole said. “We have a lot of learning to do as a program.”

Doane’s points came from nationally ranked number three Baagii Boldmaa who gained six points from Morningside’s Lane Eggen by pinning him in 1:05. Michael Scarponi picked up three more points by decision over Alexander Thompson.

Though the wrestling dual had not ended in Doane’s favor, the night was for the freshman and sophomores on the team to show what they are capable of.

Among these was 157 pound freshman Austin Filliez, who had carried his match to the third round, but got pinned during the final seconds.“I feel like he got the better of me in a couple of positions that ended up being some key positions in the match. But I controlled the pace on our feet and the pace of the match” Filliez said.

In the 285 weight class sophomore transfer Brandon Antesberger lost his match against nationally-ranked number 15 Phil Rasmussen.

“They told me to go out there fire off at this guy and you can beat an entire mountain, but the nice thing is it’s never a loss it’s a lesson, I got things to improve on,” Antesberger said.

With the GPAC championships right around the corner, Antesberger explains that he has to keep pushing himself harder in practice and he’ll be solid going into the championship.

Cole explains that he’s excited about the GPAC championships, “I feel that we’re going to turn some heads, I feel that we’re going to surprise a lot of people” said Cole.

With lots of young players on the team close to 20 wins and one over 20 wins head coach Dana Vote is also hopeful going into the GPAC championships next week.

“We have a young squad and have some things we need to go back and fix,” Vote said. He said after going back and fixing some things, we can hopefully push some guys through to the national tournament.

The wrestling team will move forward to the GPAC Championships on Feb. 21 in Sioux City, Iowa.

Reporters Stephanie Hoshor, Ryan Hopkins, and Ethan Marker contributed to the story.