Kirsten Hetrick, associate professor of German, National Fellowships advisor and Honors Program Director, has decided to leave Doane after nine years. Hetrick has taken a job as the Prestigious Fellowships advisor at North Carolina State University.

With election day nearing, freshmen running for student congress are promoting their plans and hoping to get the majority of votes to secure a spot in office.

The Admissions Office is continuing its campus tours for prospective students despite the on-going pandemic. However, there are many more rules and regulations to be followed now.


Life & Culture

Student-teaching has been caught up in a mess of last-minute changes and adaptations. Practicum students have had the option to teach online via Zoom or in-person and on Zoom, depending on the students’ comfortability levels. 

It is no surprise that Doane students exceed expectations but a couple of students have taken on the role of being self-propelled entrepreneurs while balancing a full-time class schedule. 

When President Trump passed a travel ban that halted all unnecessary travel to and from specific countries, for many, it was only a matter of not being able to go on this year’s summer vacation. However, for international students who come to the United States for an education, it was a very…


Dear Administration,

Us graduates have been watching other schools send out packages and letters to celebrate their recent graduates. Some schools even posted all their graduates on their social media for the graduate to share. We feel neglected.

Dear Tiger Writers,

When I first walked the paths of Doane’s campus as a student, there was no Writing Center. It took a dedicated dean, a pioneering group of faculty and a common-sense, compassionate writing teacher to make it happen.